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"We used Winged Victory to eliminate a bird problem. There were thousands of birds that roosted there, every night. After three night's treatment, the birds were gone and have not returned. Winged Victory is an effective, natural way to eliminate bird invasions."
-Houston Property Manager

"We had birds everywhere! Between the noise and the mess it was just a problem that we could not resolve until we used Winged Victory."
-Austin Commercial Property Manager

"...the birds congregate by the thousands in the trees and on the electric wires. In addition to being unsanitary, the birds are aggressive and go into the store to feast at the salad bar. We have tried many other bird eradication techniques. Unfortunately, they did not provide the desired results. In addition, they were expensive both to purchase and maintain. The good news is that after the three day exercise by your falcons and hawks, the birds have found somewhere else to roost."
-National Property Manager

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