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Winged Victory has consistently been proven as an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way to eliminate pest birds by using their natural enemies- RAPTORS! There is nothing birds fear more than a hunting hawk. For millions of years, birds of prey (hawks, falcons, eagles and owls) have kept pest bird's numbers in check by regularly killing and eating them. Our hunting hawks leverage this natural fear.

Once you have contracted with us, a trained, licensed and insured falconer will visit your location at night, after the pest birds have congregated in the trees. The falconer releases the hawk, which pursues the birds, causing them to panic and flee the area. We attack the flock with multiple hawks until all pest birds are gone. After being hunted for about four consecutive nights, the birds abandon the roost and do not return, typically for three months to a year or more. It really works!

Pest species of birds such as grackles and starlings, gather in large flocks in late summer through early spring. They set up huge colonies in urban areas where they find everything they want: food, water, shelter and a safe place to raise their young. They nest all summer long and all the birds born at a location return to raise their families, ad infinitum.

Our trained hawks break this cycle by showing pest bird colonies that they are no longer safe at our clients’ properties.

Just think- no loud BOOMS, no chemicals or poisons- just nature's own natural way of keeping things in check.

Don't put up with the noise and mess of hundreds or thousands of pest birds on your property! It can cost you clients, time and thousands of dollars in cleaning costs. Contact the real professionals in pest bird abatement- Winged Victory LLC.

Not-so-scary "Owl" balloons!


Annoying "Squawk Boxes" that boom
out fake hawk-like noises


Cute little "Whirlybird" fake hawks.
Grackles laugh at these!

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