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What harm do pest birds cause?
Birds can spread bacteria, fungal infections, and avian flu.
The CDC states that "...birds… are hosts to all known subtypes of influenza A. Subtypes that have caused widespread illness in people either in the past or currently are H3N2, H2N2, H1N1.”

They create a huge mess while roosting on our buildings and ornamental trees. Their excrement covers everything, creating an unsightly, slippery, smelly, health-hazard that harms properties and drives away customers.  If that weren’t bad enough, the cost of cleaning up after the birds can run tens of thousands of dollars per year, for each location that has become a blackbird roost.

What time of year is best to use Winged Victory?
Our techniques work best if we begin treatment in the fall and continue, as needed, through the winter. This way, grackles do not start to nest, and the annual cycle of roosting and nesting is broken.

What can property manager do to help keep birds away after Winged Victory treatment?
They should:
Eliminate bird food sources.
Eliminate water sources available during the day,
Thin trees’ foliage so birds are not hidden by leaves,
Remove grackle nest remnants during the winter, and
Encourage nearby businesses to use Winged Victory.


What causes bird infestation?
Pest birds are attracted to places that give them food, water and a safe place to sleep/nest. Favored places have all three.

Where are Winged Victory services available?
We operate primarily in Texas, but will travel wherever we are needed.

What are the benefits of using Winged Victory?
Winged Victory is highly effective.
Our service is natural and environmentally-friendly. Negative publicity and fines caused by health code violations are avoided.
Thousands of dollars are saved by the reduced cost of cleaning the grounds.

Is the removal of the pest birds permanent?
Winged Victory overnight treatment eliminates night roosting pest bird populations. After Winged Victory, they usually stay away for months. Our service is most effective if we work as a team and remove everything they desire: food, water, shelter and a safe place to raise their young.

Are wild hawks as effective as Winged Victory?
No. A wild hawk only catches one bird per day.
After a wild hawk catches a bird, the rest know that the danger is over so they do not leave the safety of the roost.
We attack bird colonies with multiple hawks until all pest birds are gone.

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